Restomod – 1955 Indian Woodsman

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Post Listing Update: This Woodsman did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $6,311 on eBay in Spokane, Washington.

Between 1955 and 1960, Indians sold in the US were actually re-branded Royal Enfields. It was the idea of an English company called Brockhouse Engineering (you may remember that they created the adorable Corgi) who owned the Indian trademark at the time. They thought they could capitalize on the goodwill of the Indian brand by selling some Brit bikes, and in ’56 they had four models varying from 250c to 700cc. There were two 500cc models – the Tomahawk and the Woodsman (street and enduro, respectively). However, this bike has a built 612cc motor with some goodies…

The Woodsman featured the 499cc OHV single motor from a Royal Enfield bullet with an Indian badge over the timing cover. A high pipe, 2.4 gallon fuel tank, 21″ front tire, and knobby tires were all utilized for off-road conquests. For a full list of the Royal Enfield-Indian hybrids (as well as a whole bunch of photos), check out this site dedicated to the interesting combination.

As mentioned above, this example (VIN: JS13821) has a 612cc motor with a forged high compression piston, steel connecting rod, upgraded cams/push rods, oversize titanium valves, 38mm Mikuni flat slide carb, and plenty more. The seller has “built numerous high performance engines including blown alcohol and blown nitro top fuel engines,” which may explain why he was eager to fortify a motor that’s not typically modified. The bike is either a ’54 or ’55, but either way it has less than 300 miles since the seller restored it – some of the details were chronicled on British Cycle Supply Company.

Other goodies include Morad aluminum wheels, NOS fuel tank, a Viper Red paint job, lithium-ion battery, LED lighting, Stadium mirror, SLS front drum brake, and more. The sale also includes several spare parts. Per the seller, “this motorcycle is highly modified and is likely not a good fit for someone unfamiliar with vintage British/American motorcycles, particularly big singles.” He also concludes with, “many stainless, aluminum, and brass custom parts were made for this motorcycle. It’s light, it’s fast (50 + hp) and looks awesome. Yes, you can own a Harley or a Honda, but so can your grandmother – this one is special.

Find this Woodsman for sale in Spokane, Washington with bidding up to $4,601 and the reserve not yet met

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