Restored – 1973 Maico 501

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Post Listing Update: This Maico did not meet reserve despite 18 bids up to $7,900.

When it was released, the Maico 501 featured the largest two-stroke single cylinder engine ever stuffed into a production bike. The press ate it up, though racers were actually able to go faster on the 400s and 450s. But for pure ‘shock and awe’ purposes, it was just about impossible to topple the 501.

For more information on this legendary model, check out this article on Vintage Motor Company.

This example (VIN: 501358) was originally a Canadian model and it’s been restored by John Caldwell of Canadian Maico. It was featured a few years ago in VMX Magazine and it’s got a few “special touches like NOS Girling shocks”.

Find this 501 for sale in New Fairfield, Connecticut with bidding up to $7,250 and the reserve not yet met