Restored – 1982 Honda Motocompo

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Post Listing Update: This ‘compo did not meet reserve despite 30 bids up to $3,950 on eBay in Long Beach, California.

One of the true cult classics of scooters, the Motocompo was designed to fit into the trunks of Honda’s subcompact cars of the time. To minimize dimensions of the scoot when it needs to be stored, the handlebars and seat can be folded in to become just about flush with the top of the bodywork. These were only sold in Japan and offered for just a few years, making them a rare and delightful sight in the US.

Honda specifically designed the Motocompo to fit in the trunk of the City (which was also called the Tall Boy), and the available colors of the scoot (like red, white, and yellow) matched up directly with the offerings on the City as well. Claimed to be fully restored, this Motocompo (VIN: AB12-1064719) has a rebuilt engine, several new parts, and is ready to ride, which I sincerely hope the next owner does.

Find this ‘compo for sale in Long Beach, California with bidding up to $3,205 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $4,500 here on eBay.

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