Ridden Once – 1986 Honda Fat Cat

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Post Listing Update: This Fat Cat did not get any interest at the BIN of $15,000 or best offer.

If you believe the seller’s story, this Fat Cat has been ridden just once by a child who didn’t like it, and it’s been parked ever since. It’s the nicest Fat Cat I’ve ever seen – it’s also, by far, the most expensive. What’s it worth to you?

The seller’s story, lightly edited: ‘This was purchased by me from a one-owner family. In 1986, this Fat Cat was purchased for a child. He wanted a dirt bike like his friends. When he rode this machine it felt nothing like his friends dirt bikes as it felt awkward like these large tire models do. He didn’t like it and it was parked ever since…There are plenty of more economic choices out there if you would like a Fat Cat. I have been collecting for some time and understand the value/rarity of this for a HONDA COLLECTOR.

The Fat Cat was built for just two years as a competitor to the Yamaha BW200. Honda pulled the engine for the Fat Cat from the ATC200X ATV, and they detuned it. But the suspension was overworked, and for experienced riders, there was no reason to pick the Honda over its Yamaha competition. The lack of a real clutch made it more difficult to corner, and the chassis design kept it slow around the corners. While it was an excellent entry-level dirt bike, the Fat Cat was targeted way more towards beginners. At the time, you should have picked up the TW200. But now, the Fat Cat is more of a collectible due to rarity. This Fat Cat (VIN: JH2TE1101GK506090) could be very interesting due to its lack of use and highly-preserved state, but the seller wants a lot. Feel free to make an offer…

Find this Fat Cat for sale in Port Jervis, New York with a BIN of $15,000 or best offer here on eBay.

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