Ride From Los Angeles to Alaska for $15/Day!

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I’ve mentioned MotoQuest’s “Transporter Specials” in the past, but this is one of the best deals I’ve seen from them. It’s a simple premise – their rental business in Alaska is seasonal, so they’ll give discounts for one way rentals to help move bikes to and from the Anchorage office as needed. They currently need to get some BMW GSes from Long Beach to Anchorage, and they’re offering them for free – but there’s a required $15/day cost for basic liability insurance. You’re not going to find a cheaper rental for a trip like this!

Obviously you’re paying for your food, gas, and lodging, but the bike is dirt cheap – consider that MotoQuest normally charges $155/day for a F800GS. All the R1200s have been sold, but there’s one F800GS left and several F700s. What are you waiting for? Go to Alaska for relatively cheap!

Featured photo is from my trip to Alaska – I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in several countries, but my Alaska trip is still my favorite of all time.

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