SBC Power: 1995 Boss Hoss

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Post-Sale Update: After 3 bids on eBay, this bike did not meet reserve at $7,900.

This bike is a product of Boss Hoss Cycles, a company founded in 1990 that specializes in creating motorcycles using GM V8 engines. Though initially known for being an expensive novelty, as they were cumbersome and difficult to ride, Boss Hoss bikes have evolved through the years to provide a better riding experience. Specific changes include a change to belt drive, longer wheelbases (allowing for lower seat heights), and better aesthetic treatments of the gigantic radiators needed to cool the V8 engines.

Boss Hoss - Gauges

Most Boss Hoss bikes, like this one, use the standard Chevy SBC 350 – 5.7 liters of V8 displacement. Check out the distributor right in between the gas tank and the seat! Featuring a one-speed manual transmission with the standard hand clutch, the small block bikes only got 25 miles per gallon (though you do get a nearly 9 gallon fuel tank). Also important to note: 1995 was the last year that Boss Hoss bikes were sold as kits. Starting in 1996, bikes were built completely at the factory in Dyersburg, Tennessee, then shipped out to dealers ready to ride.

Boss Hoss - Right Side

This specific Boss Hoss features the ZZ3 Chevy 350 engine, with some extras like a roller camshaft, LT1 heads, and an Edelbrock 600 carb that raise output to 350 horsepower and 390 pound feet of torque. It is supposedly a 3 time show winner from back in the day, though the seller fails to provide any documentation for the awards. Back in the mid-90’s, Boss Hoss was selling around 300 bikes a year, so bikes from the first few years of production (like this one) don’t come up for sale very often.

Boss Hoss - Rear

Find this Boss Hoss for sale here on eBay with the opening bid at $9,000 in North Branch, Minnesota. These bikes usually go for silly amounts of money, but with an older model like this you can still get 90% of the extravagance for 10-20% of the price.