Sitting in Sweden – 1980 Bimota SB3

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Post Sale Update: This Bimota SB3 sold for $16,000.

The SB3 was quick, but it sure was uncomfortable. In their review of the bike, Motorcyclist magazine said, “No one on our staff has ridden anything short of a hardtail that was as harsh as the SB3.” If you can put up with a rough ride (and you can deal with a bike that needs some work), here’s one of the 402 SB3s that were built worldwide. Save it!

The “S” of SB3 meant that this bike was powered by a Suzuki engine – in this case, a GS1000 powerplant. The big inline four-cylinder produced 90 horsepower and 61.5 pound feet of torque. But where the original bike weighed 562 pounds wet, the SB3 weighed “just” 483.

This example has 15,000 miles but it’s going to need some TLC and that makes the asking price a big pill to swallow. It’s said to be complete except for the missing turn signals. Find this SB3 for sale in Vendelsö, Sweden with an unmet opening bid of $15,000

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Jason C!

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