Sold At Mecum – 1974 BMW R90S

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Post Listing Update: This R90S did not meet reserve despite 34 bids up to $10,100.

The R90S is a fine motorcycle, but I’m specifically featuring this bike so we can see an example of people trying to make some money after snagging some steals at Mecum.

I’ll spare you the usual model history because this listing is more about my curiosity about the financial side of quickly reselling a bike that was recently sold at a known price. This (VIN: 4073679) R90S is one of the many bikes that came from the MC Collection in Sweden, which is why it’s a Euro model. It looks to be in good shape (it is, by definition, museum quality)

It originally sold for $12,100 (add 10% for a buyer’s premium) last month, so the seller (Wheelhouse Garage) presumably needs to see around $15k to cover the bike, buyer’s fee, taxes, and their transportation costs from Las Vegas. Do you think they’ll get it?

Find this R90S for sale in Pleasanton, California with bidding up to $7,299 and the reserve not yet met