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I have a really hard time imagining that this sort of ‘bulk mail’ marketing, but this guy is selling a whole collection of European motorcycles with parts. Problem being that the collection is in bits and pieces and may not have a running motorcycle in the whole batch.

The listing includes three Nortons. A Commando, an Atlas and a Model 19. The Atlas is listed as a parts bike, the Commando as ‘very solid’ and the Model 19 as one of the finest examples in the US.

Moto Guzzi: 2 Ambassadors, missing the air filters and listed as 98% complete.

Ariel: A Square Four 90% complete in pieces. A Cyclone. Admits that it is not Buddy Holly’s old bike. Running when parked.

Anker J Lo. It actually looks to be mostly there. BSA “More than I care to count.” There is one behind the Anker in this photo. The rest are apparently in pieces.

Velocette: A Valliant “seriously, a great bike” and a 650 90% complete in pieces.

BMW R60/2 Good shape, running when parked. R69s and R27 95% complete in pieces owner died during restoration.

There are MORE in Phoenix, AZ. This is the highlight reel currently on the starting bid of $40,000

If anybody is interested in the ‘collection’ I would be happy to ride up to Phoenix to look at it in person.