Story Intermission – Smart Money in Motorcyclist Magazine

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This is quite self-serving, but if you’re a subscriber to Motorcyclist (or you check out their website regularly), you may have noticed a new name under the regular Smart Money column – mine! If you’re not a subscriber, consider this a heads up.

Obviously there’s a lot of overlap between the bikes I feature here and the motorcycles that are befitting of Smart Money. It’s a fun article where I share some of my favorite buys under a given theme. In a recent example, editors Chris Cantle and Adam Waheed rode the Mach Loop on a Triumph Speed Triple RS and a Thruxton R, (it’s a great story with wonderful photography) so my Smart Money article was all about the best tourers from Triumph. You get the idea, and thus ends the self-promotion.

As always, thanks for your support!