“Street Scrambler” – 2000 Honda XR600R Custom

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In a piece entitled “Bring it Back“, Dirt Bike Magazine had the following to say about the Honda XR600R: “Do you think that anyone at Honda knew? Do you think that when the first XR600R rolled off the assembly line, anyone had an inkling that it would become the definitive off-road bike, not only of a generation, but for two or three generations? Do you think they knew that they had just built a wildly successful race bike as well as general purpose campground cruiser?“. Well, they probably figured it by the end of the run – and this 2000 model is from the last year of production, evne though it’s nothing like how it was when it rolled off the factory line.

The owner of this bike says that it was built for street use and as such it’s been “lowered, lightened, lit up.” it has about 1,500 miles after a “complete rebuild of everything” and it has just about all the modifications that you’d want to see on a XR – intake, cam, exhaust, FCR carb, and more. It makes about 50 horsepower and weighs just 270 pounds wet. “Guaranteed to annoy neighbors, scare children, and make you more attractive to the gender(s) of your choice.”

Thankfully, the seller includes a full build list to go along with some of his snark, which includes lines like “If you ask me for my “best price”, it’s $5000, which is still less than it cost to build, so let’s all agree that $3000 is a smokin’ deal. Not interested in trades, unless you have something that my Mexican landlady wants more than my cash.” Find this custom XR for sale in Newport, Rhode Island for $3,000 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Steven C!

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