Rare Project – 1973 Benelli Buzzer

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In the late 60s, Benelli had a surprisingly large lineup of minibikes, most of which were powered by a 65cc 2-stroke motor. Some model names you may remember include the Hurricane, Tornado, City, Dynamo, and the ludicrous Volcano, the last of which got an absurd 180cc two-stroke motor! This is the Buzzer, which featured a seat that could be raised as your child grew.

The Buzzer was also equipped with folding bars/footpegs so it could it fit in a car trunk. But it was more than your basic minibike – thanks to lights and a speedo, you could even legally ride it on the street.

This example (VIN: 598308) is going to need a little bit of work – the seller notes that this bike sat for about 20 years and that it idles high, but other than that you’ll just need to source a return spring for the kickstarter and a speedo cable. It’s offered with a bill of sale.

Find this Benelli Buzzer for sale in Eaton Rapids, Michigan with an unmet opening bid of $1,299 here on eBay.

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