Suitcase Cycle – 1974 Honda CL125

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Post-Listing Update: This Suitcase Cycle did not meet reserve with just one bid up to $1,500 on eBay.

The 1974 Honda CL125 was a one-cylinder scrambler that with a 122cc piston that weighed just 196 pounds. What makes this specific example so special is that it has been converted by a third party company to fit into a suitcase for easy transport on airplanes!

Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle - Tank

The story begins in the ’60s, when the concept of “general aviation” began to take off. Average citizens could earn their pilot’s license and travel for business and/or pleasure. But once you got to an airport far from home, ground transportation could be a problem. A former United Airlines pilot, Lawrence Shapiro, saw a need that could be satisfied with motorcycles. Suitcase Cycles sold about 1,000 bikes before production came to an end – according to Shapiro this came due to product liability laws. ”

“This was a time when everyone began being sued for anything and everything. Plus, some of our suppliers were told by Honda and Suzuki not to sell motorcycles to us. They still did but I believe they suffered consequences from the big boys.”

For more information on Suitcase Cycle, check out this link from Check-Six, an aviation history site. I highly recommend you check out this page, which shows a few photos of a bike being loaded into a Cessna 172.

Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle - Gauges

This specific Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle (VIN: CL125S1105203) has covered just 2,342 miles over its 40 year life. It’s been garaged and covered its whole life, and I adore all the “Suitcase Cycle” branding all over the place.

Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle - Left Side

Find this Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle for sale in Palm Desert, California with an opening bid of $1,500 and a BIN of $4,800

Honda CL125 Suitcase Cycle - Tank Side