Super Trick Super Single – 1996 BMR-Suzuki Supermono Racer

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Supermonos have always been some of my very favorite motorcycles in existence, and though we’ve previously featured some pretty rad full-faired thumper racers, this super single takes the cake as far as I’m concerned. Meet the BMR-Suzuki Supermono. Supposedly created by one Rupert Bainzel, this high-performance racer started out as a Suzuki DR800, but has received an enormous amount of noteworthy work, genuinely transforming Zook’s large, rugged, utilitarian single into a truly spectacular track weapon.

In addition to an extensive amount of bottom-end work, the three-quarter-liter single received a machined top-end complete with an Apfelbeck-style cylinder-head in which the valves are positioned radially, while the exhaust and inlet ports are arranged diagonally. The water-cooled, 741cc mill also sports a downdraft electronic fuel-injection system, a trio of spark plugs, and cams that are reportedly machined and conically ground. The massaged Suzuki engine is now supposedly good for an impressive 94hp at around the 8,000rpm mark (with the redline at 9,300rpm).

Originally built to compete in the ’90s’ Supermono Championship series, the modified engine was housed in a custom-designed aerospace-grade tube and plate steel twin-spar chassis. Though I couldn’t dig up the trick frame’s exact weight, it’s said to be incredibly light. I personally really dig the circular cutouts, too. The bodywork on the BMR-Zook SuSing is also pretty damn nifty. The tank (cover) and tail section are comprised of a single piece, with a large section of the front of the (faux) fuel-cell cutout, making room for an oversized (what appears to be) carbon fiber intake duct. The under-tail exhaust is another nice touch that leaves little doubt as to what era this two-wheeled emerged from.

Though the seller gives very little information, this particular BMR-Suzuki Supermono is reportedly from 1996. The ad doesn’t clarify what kind of brakes or suspension setup is being run, but the photos show an oversized monoshock in back, what looks like a shortened inverted front-end, (and a side-mounted steering-damper), as well as discs fore and aft. Lastly, while I doubt it was intentional, I also like how the livery — at least upon first glance — resembles the iconic Marlboro paint job.

You can find this 1996 BMR-Suzuki Supermono for sale here on RaceBikeMart in the Czech Republic with a price of $16,000 (or €14,000).

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