The SuperVee

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In the car world, many people consider the Chevy 350 small block V-8 to be one of the best engines in history. It’s definitely one of the most prevalent – and that reason is why Nostalgia Cycle decided to create the SuperVee, a V-Twin engine basically built with the front 2 cylinders off the 350 small block. The cylinders were then merged with a custom block (and depending on the generation of the SuperVee engine, varying amounts of other Chevy parts). The idea made sense on paper – it didn’t weigh a lot and you could fix most things with Chevy parts. The fact that most people have never heard of the SuperVee before gives you an idea of how poorly executed it was. Long story short – Nostalgia didn’t really know what “Quality Control” meant, and the motors didn’t work very well.

For a kick, check out this promotional video of the SuperVee. If you’re looking to get drunk quickly, feel free to turn this into a drinking game where you have to take a shot every time the narrator says “American engineering”:

Pretending I haven’t slandered the SuperVee for the last couple of paragraphs, here’s a chopper with the SuperVee engine in a Santee frame on HDForums for $10,000. Only problem is the last bump in that thread is from 5 months ago.

So if that bike isn’t available any longer (and if you happen to be mechanically adept), have no fear – reader David N has found a spare SuperVee engine with a custom built Santee frame ready for you to bolt on Harley parts and make your own bike with an odd powerplant. Find that combo here on Craigslist in Cleveland but be warned – it seems the seller would rather trade for a Shovelhead than take your greenbacks.

SuperVee Engine

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