The Customs of 2WheelsMiklos

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Based out of Guildford, England, 2WheelsMiklos has created some crazy customs based on 30-ish year old BMWs. Click here to check out all 4 that are currently available, though I’m only going to highlight 2 in this post.

First, we’ve got a 1993 K75S that’s been turned into a custom called “War Machine”. It’s available for $11,887.

War Machine - Rear Right

Highlights of the work include an urban camo paint scheme and custom headers, rear sets, lights, bars, gauges, and fender.

There’s also this 1980 R80/7 which has been turned into the “Dakar Street Scrambler“. It’s available for $14,205.

Dakar Street Scrambler - Right Side

Highlights of the work include the paint scheme inspired by BMW’s Paris-Dakar bikes and the fuel tank from a BSA Bantam. It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s definitely different!