The Flying Brick – 1988 BMW K75S

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Post Listing Update: This K75S did not get any interest at the opening bid of $3,500.

At the end of the 70s, with the domination of 4-cylinder Japanese bikes, BMW had to find a way to attract new customers and renew itself. To that extent, the usual flat-twin has been put aside in order to create and develop a new heart for their motorcycles. The idea of creating a flat-four was quickly forgotten as Honda already developed this for their GL1000 released in 1975. So the Germans went to thoughts of a four-cylinder positioned lengthwise. BMW engineers took a Peugeot 104 engine, put it on its side, with the cylinder heads on the left and the block on the right, adapted the transmission and shaft final drive from the R80, and managed to create a motorcycle that would be the genesis of the K-series. In 1983, the K100 was released, and three years later, the K75 was introduced with a lengthwise three-cylinder engine.

When released, the K75 had three versions, one naked, one touring that was given the letter “C” and one that was slightly more sport-oriented with the letter “S”. Being 30lbs lighter than its big sporty sister, the K100RS, the K75S quickly became the new sport image of BMW, featuring notably higher compression ratio with 11:1 versus 10.2:1 for the K100. The “S” version also had a 17 inch rear wheel versus 18 inches for its two other versions, and inherited from the rear disc brake from the K100 – the base model and “C” got rear drums. The press was very enthusiastic about the K75, considering it balanced and comfortable. With a dry weight of 504lb, and 75hp, the K75S had good handling, a smooth engine, and incomparable reliability. Catch more information about the K75S here on Motorcycle Classics.

The K75S featured in this article is in great condition with its original red color and 24,330 miles. The seller is the third owner and possesses most of the service paperwork that has been done by the previous owner while the bike was in Germany. The bike has always been kept in a garage, and had a recent check-up has been done at a local BMW dealership. The K also has its original side cases and top case.

Find this K75S in Portland, Oregon with an unmet opening bid of $3,500

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