The Prototype – 2012 Raven MotoCycle

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Over several years, Jeff Gundlach made a name for himself designing magazine covers for motorcycle mags like Cycle News and Cycle Magazine. In 2009, he started building “something unique, powerful, light, functional, and a classic look.” A couple of years later, the Raven was born. At the time, Jeff created a 750cc prototype and was planning on offering displacement options of 750, 850, or 1,000ccs. I haven’t been able to find other examples, but that 750cc prototype is now up for sale.

Raven MotoCycle - Engine

A little more about this build (VIN: NCMS72744) – it uses a 750cc Moto Guzzi Ambassador as a stressed member – it’s so interesting to see it oriented like a Harley! It also has a Norton transmission and clutch, with wheels/brakes/swingarm/forks from a Honda CB350. The frame is Jeff’s design and the bike is titled as a 2012 Raven. It weighs 370 pounds wet and has been featured in several bike shows and magazines. Jeff notes that he’s selling this to get capital to build two similar bikes. For more information on the original Raven, check out this article on Pipeburn or Jeff’s site on the Raven.

Raven MotoCycle - Left Side Engine

Find the Raven for sale in Melbourne, Florida with an unmet opening bid of $10,000

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Rob B!

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