Three Crazy Trikes

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I normally don’t feature trikes here on Bike-urious, but over the last day or so I’ve seen a few that had to be shared:

Cavalier Trike

First we’ve got a homebrew trike with the front end of a Kawasaki cruiser with the…front end of a Chevy Cavalier. It’s not what we’d call pretty, but the owner/builder has put over 200,000 miles on it, which we have to applaud. Plus, can you see the automatic transmission gear shifter on the front bumper of the Cavalier? Makes me laugh everytime. There’s a trunk on the back, a 13.3 gallon tank (+3 gal reserve), and a rebuilt 2.2L GM inline 4 engine. Find it in Holiday, Florida with an opening bid of $5,995

Thoroughbred Stallion Trike

Then we’ve got something a bit more professional, from Thoroughbred Motorsports. Powered with a 143 hp/155 lb-ft 2.3L engine and 5-speed transmission from Ford, and oddly featuring taillights from an older Acura TL, the Thoroughbred Stallion somehow offers heating, air-conditioning, and a few other convenience items. I’ve got to say I love the “Ming Blue” color, though with only 11 miles on the clock there’s not much else to say. Find this Thoroughbred Stallion for sale in Arlington, Texas with a BIN price of $32,987

Vespa Scooter Trike

Lastly, we’ve got an interesting knock-off from Indonesia, of all places. Inspired by the Vespa Faro Basso that I’ve previously featured, this Bajaj-powered scoot retains the light green and low headlight of the classic Vespa. This trike has a 150cc engine and is designed as an in-town runabout, as it’s only capable of 45 mph. It’s the only listing in this trio that has a manual transmission (4 forward gears and a reverse). The beautiful rear section is made of teak wood.
Find this lovely trike for sale in Jakarta, Indonesia with bidding up to $510