Tilting 3 Wheeler – 1984 Honda Gyro

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Introduced in 1982, the Gyro series of scoots are three-wheelers (one in the front, two in the back) where the body is able to lean up to 40 degrees compared to the rear axle! GYRO is actually an acronym, which stands for “Great Your Recreation Original”. Well, the translation’s not great, but you get the idea. The initial designs were for utility-based uses – so you got rear racks, canopies, and plenty of storage.

Honda Gyro - Right Side

In 1984, Honda mixed it up with the release of a variant called the Road Fox. Most of the utility disappeared, and instead you got exposed frames and a chopper-ish rake. It only sold for two years – and this was the variant that made it to the US, marketed as the Honda Gyro S. The Gyro featured a one-touch parking break, and even a limited slip differential. The short importation period and poor sales have made the Gyro a collectible scooter – perfect for someone looking for something quirky and fun. Thought it only weighs 140 pounds, the 4 horsepower engine meant you couldn’t go faster than 30, and you weren’t going to reach that speed quickly. Still, the scoot was capable of 160mpg, which is why it saw so much success as a tiny utility vehicle in Japan.

Honda Gyro - Gauges

This Gyro has just 612 miles and is claimed to be in super nice condition. The seller says that it would ‘blow the doors off any Honda Spree’. I guess it would also blow the doors off a pedestrian, if we’re comparing other slow forms of transport?

Honda Gyro - Rear

Find this Honda Gyro for sale here on Craigslist in Mazomanie, Wisconsin.

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