1984 BMW R65LS

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW R65LS sold for the BIN of $4,200.

The BMW R65 was the baby touring bike in BMW’s lineup, built from 1978 to 1993. A limited run, called the BMW R65LS, was built from just 1983-1985. Less than 6,500 of the LS bikes were built, and it was a very polarizing design. Even to this day, riders either love it or hate it – count me in the former.

BMW R65LS - Right Side

Functionally, there isn’t much difference between the BMW R65LS and the bike it’s based on. The only difference was an upgrade to dual disc Brembos on the front wheel. The major difference, is of course, the controversial front fairing. Want to learn more about this bike? Check out this excellent write up from Motorcycle Classics. Just like the original Suzuki Katana, the BMW R65LS was designed by Hans Muth. See the similarities in the front fairing?

BMW R65LS - Top

This specific BMW R65LS (VIN: WB1036508E6371394) has 12,790 miles and has been with the current seller for 3 years and just over 1,000 miles. Though I do prefer the Henna Red, silver doesn’t look bad on these bikes. It’s claimed to be in great condition the age with just two minor defects: the first is slight oxidization on the left exhaust pipe, and the other is 4 small holes in the front fairing where a previous owner had mounted a windscreen. That would drive me nuts.

BMW R65LS - Front

Find this BMW R65LS for sale in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a BIN of $4,200

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