1982 Suzuki Katana

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The Suzuki Katana is a very distinctive bike designed by Hans Muth (the fairing might remind you of a similar Muth creation – the BMW R65LS). In the late 70s and early 80s, Japanese manufacturers were selling standard bikes as fast as they could make them.  And while most of the bikes were technically sound, they all started to emulate each other, creating the UJM, as coined by Cycle magazine.  Some considered it efficient, others considered it boring.  With the exception of the CB series that started it all, I tend to fall in the latter camp.  Which is why bikes like the original Suzuki Katana are very important in the history of motorcycles.

Suzuki Katana - 4

This specific bike is the beneficiary of a full restoration, though it comes at the expense of originality. The restoration is also a bit of a modernization, with upgrades to the running gear to try and match performance of contemporary bikes. Whether or not that goal was achieved is up for debate, but the important thing is that the distinctive aesthetics were all retained.

Suzuki Katana - 2

All the stock parts that were replaced are included, if you were to ever desire to bring this bike back to factory. The forks, wheels, and brakes are from a late model Suzuki GSXR. The engine had a rebuild which included Wiseco 1260cc pistons and an Orient Express big block. All in all, this is a great example of a historically important bike that’s becoming increasingly hard to find.

Suzuki Katana - 3

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