1996 Ducati 916

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The Ducati 916 needs no introduction, but for a teenage boy who didn’t know much about motorcycles, it was a revelation. The dual projector headlights, the SSSA, and the underseat exhausts all caught my imagination and even to this day, have never let go.

Ducati 916 - 1

Designed by Massimo Tamburini, the 916 has become an icon in the sportbike world. I’ll leave it to Visor Down to summarize how amazing this bike was:

EVERY once in a while a true classic comes along: James Joyce’s Ulysses, The Beatles’ Revolver, Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Greats one-and-all, to be seen, owned or understood by the discerning and devoted. To the list of timeless classics, we can add Massimo Tamburini’s Ducati 916.

Ducati 916 - 4

This specific Ducati 916 has lived a pampered life, kept in the seller’s living room as rideable art, and enjoyed sparingly. That’s not what these bikes were made for! Someone please buy it and put more miles on it. It comes with a few extras, including a Carbon exhaust and Feracci chip. You’ll also get the Ducati stand, and the books plus service history.

Ducati 916 - 3

Find it here on ducati.org for $7500.