Tracy Bodied Project – 1972 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV

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Post Sale Update: This Kawi project sold for $5,450 after 13 bids on eBay in Seattle, Washington.

Dubbed the Widowmaker as it had a tremendous motor without the chassis or brakes to keep it control (and also because it’s a great nickname that gets exaggerated), the H2 Mach IV is one of the legends of motorcycling. Here’s an unexpected examples that’s at a turning point as a project – do you try to bring it back to stock or do you embrace the weird, keep the Tracy body kit, and try to finish out a period custom?

Per the seller:
Here’s a desirable h2 750 model 2 stroke triple that you could go either way on: Pull the Tracy body kit and install stock bodywork and restore it or leave the body kit in place and pull the signals and install drag or low rise bars, maybe a dual disc conversion and go for a period correct cafe racer or drag look bike. This bike appeals to 2 different buyers and I struggled with selling it or keeping it but you can’t take it with you so I hope someone restores or refreshes it. 28,508 miles and it comes with title and the original Kawasaki ignition key.

The seller believes that the front fender is a Dunstall fiberglass unit that’s been painted to match. He acquired it in non-running condition though the motor kicks over and it’s got a set of Bill Wirges chambers that aren’t flawless. The bike has been sitting for over 15 years, but it could make for a fun winter project. Plus, just look at that rear seat!

Find this oddball project in Seattle, Washington with bidding up to $3,950 here on eBay.