Turbo Rickman Project – 1978 Kawasaki CR1100

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Post Sale Update: This turbo Rickman sold for $6,000 after 14 bids on eBay.

In the world of motorcycle projects, a Rickman Kawasaki is pretty high up on the desirability list. But a 1,427cc, turbocharged Kawasaki Rickman? Good lord, this thing will fly when it’s put back together. Reader Gregor H has shared this insane project in the hopes that you buy it before he succumbs to temptation. Only readers familiar with the Rickman brothers will be suitably excited by this – they’re best known for their series of Metisse dirt bike frames but they also made a run of Competition Replica (CR) bikes for street and track. The final products were one of a few select options for riders that wanted to truly harness the output of their large displacement Honda and Kawasaki engines by ditching the factory frames and replacing them with something that would actually handle well. As the brothers themselves put it, “The Japanese produced very good engines, but they put much less attention into their chassis…we developed our own frames to accept those new four-cylinder engines. Our kits handled very well as compared to the production models.”


Per the seller, the original owner used to own a Rickman dealership in Philadelphia. The original motor has been bumped up to a displacement of 1,426cc, the seller took it apart and says everything is working. He also will include an original engine with the sale. As the photos obviously how, the rear wheel (and a few other parts) are missing. We wouldn’t want this project to be too easy no, would we? There’s no title, however it does come with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Garage in England on behalf of Rickman dated June 12, 2013 – it states that this is an original Rickman kit that was built to house a Kawi CR 1100 engine.


Find this turbocharged Rickman project for sale in New Brunswick, New Jersey with bidding up to $3,929 and the reserve not yet met

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Gregor H.