Vee Two Ducati Alchemy SV-1

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Last week I featured one of the rare distinct models from Brook Henry’s famed Australian Ducati tuning house, Vee Two. Here’s the other one, a bevel head-based exotic called the Alchemy SV-1.


If this bike intrigues you at all, you owe it to yourself to check out this article from OddBike, written by the always-comprehensive Jason Cormier. Otherwise, the very brief summary is that the Alchemy was available either as a kit to build yourself, or a complete bike that you could ride away. It all started because Brook realized that his go-faster parts were overwhelming the OEM Ducati frames, so he decided to build a better frame in-house. Brook introduced the SV-1 to the world in kit form in 1991 for $3,500 AUD. 97 kits and 7 complete bikes were built.


As these bikes were usually built as kits, there can be quite a bit of variance between specific examples. This bike started as a road racer and was eventually made street legal. I try not to be mean on this site, so I’ll just say that the paint job is…dated. Find this Alchemy for sale here on Raider Moto, though it’s unclear where exactly the bike is. This shop is based in Australia and that’s usually where their offerings are located, though it’s possibly in the UK. Either way, there’ll probably be some shipping involved!