Video Intermission – 1973 24 Hour Speed Record by the Kawasaki Z1

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Titled “So Far. So Fast.”, this is a documentary about Kawasaki’s successful attempt to beat the 24 hour speed endurance record at Daytona International Speedway. Spoiler alert – they did it.

In fact, when it was all said and done, Kawasaki had set the following records:
World 10 kilometer absolute speed: 150.845 mph
World 100 kilometer speed record: 141.439 mph
AMA closed course 1 lap record: 160.199 mph
ALL American distance speed records from 300 miles through 2500 miles
ALL American hourly speed records from 2 hours through 24 hours
And of course, the big one – World 24 hour speed endurance record: 2,630.402 miles at 109.602 mph

I suspect the timing of this video release on Kawasaki’s YouTube channel might be related to the upcoming Z900RS – more on that later. For now, just enjoy this fantastic bit of history:

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