Video Intermission – 2021 Ural GEO Gear Up Limited Edition

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If your Russian-made boxer sidecar isn’t exclusive enough for you, Ural’s got just the ticket for you – a limited edition (20 units worldwide) version of their 2WD Gear Up!

Photo from Ural

Ural actually announced this bike a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t really think it was worth sharing at the time. However, Ural does have a history of being tongue-in-cheek with their videos (have you seen their “Quality Testing” video?) and I got a kick out of this one, too.

With that said, I’m not sure the best way to market a limited edition version of your product is to point out all the reasons why your core product isn’t good enough…

I like the paint job and the modifications, but the MSRP for the 20 limited edition GEO bikes is $26,999 – that’s $9,450 more than the base Gear Up! Upgrades include two cargo racks on the sidecar, RotopaX fuel container, MRA windscreen, hand guards, RAM GPS mount, dual USB charger, Heidenau tires, and adjustable Nitron suspension. There’s also a high GPR exhaust, which would have been particularly helpful when Spurgeon and I took a Gear Up Sahara on LAB2V: