Video Intermission – Wasted Spark Motorcycles

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Out in East Topsham, Vermont you’ll find Richard Barsotti and his shop, Wasted Spark Motorcycles. Reader Tom M. noted that the last time he was in the shop, a Vincent Black Shadow was in the middle of a high-dollar rebuild. Take a look at this video on the shop for a quick peek into this barn-turned-workshop.

From the video caption:
“Richard Barasotti began making his living in this trade after growing entirely fed up with the public school system in which he taught high level physics for 25 years. Rather than the standard pinup girl calendars of other mechanic shops, the walls of Wasted Spark are lined with posters from his classes, explaining forces, leverage, basic and complex equations, and notes relating his old profession and his new one. There are vintage posters of the famous Ducati desmodronic valve system blown up for reference and reverence. Hints on solutions to an engine running lean, written on brown paper held up with matching red tacks.”

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Tom M!