WERA Vintage Racer – 1977 Kawasaki KZ650

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Ready to compete in WERA’s Vintage 5 class, this KZ650 looks like a baby ELR.

Vintage 5 includes:
Pre 1983 2-stroke factory road racers up to 500cc.
Pre 1983 Production based 2-stroke up to 750cc.
Pre 1983 4-stroke push rod unlimited displacement.
Pre 1983 OHC Twins to 1200cc.
Pre 1983 OHC 2 valves per cylinder to 1200cc.
Pre 1983 OHC 4 valves per cylinder to 1025cc.

This bike has a 17″ wheel conversion, Dyna ignition, Airtech bodywork (stock tank), MAC header, Delkevic exhaust, 43mm forks, 28mm carbs, an oil cooler, bracing in the frame, and Kawasaki ZX-10R rear sets. The electric starter has been ditched so it’s kick only.

The engine is currently equipped with a 701cc kit, though the sale also includes a 810cc Wiseco piston kit, KZ750 cylinders that have been bored out for the kit, KZ750 cams/valve springs, and brand new rain tires.

Find this KZ650 racer for sale in Adrian, Michigan for $1,900 (or $1,700 if you don’t want the rain tires) here on the WERA forums.