What Do You Want To Know? 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS

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UPDATE: Here’s my First Ride review!

I don’t often share news about bikes before they’re released, but as Kawasaki started dropping hints about the upcoming Z900RS I had to tell you about it because I know how many of you love the Z1 that inspires this new model. I’m attending the launch of the Z900RS later this week – is there anything specific you’d like to know? Tell me in advance and I’ll get answers for you!

The one sentence summary is that this is a Z900 with much better styling. As you can read in my review, I already like that bike and I think I’m going to enjoy this more. The power curve has been tuned for midrange torque at the expense of top end power (down from 123 to 111), and it gains some features over the Z900 including LED lights, traction control, radially-mounted calipers, and optional heated grips.

I can’t wait to try this out. Here’s Kawasaki’s promo video if you need a reminder: