What Do You Want To Know? California Superbike School

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California Superbike School has been around since 1980, but I’m a little behind the times – I only got my first serious introduction to them in 2019 when I attended the launch of the updated BMW S1000RR. BMW had some CSS staff on site to support throughout the event, particularly as control riders.

I got to talking with Dylan Code – the self-proclaimed COO (Child Of Owner) of CSS, and based on my limited time with him I was impressed not just by his knowledge but also his eloquence. Did you see his recent article about the benefits of cross training on RevZilla?

My paparazzo photo of Dylan at Barber .

While walking around Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum (which led to one of my favorite Picture Intermissions on Bike-urious), Dylan let me know that he’d offer me a spot at an upcoming class if one opened up and if I was interested.

My buddy Spurgeon from RevZilla chats with Dylan – turns out a Honda MT125R similar to this one was Dylan’s first race bike.

The latter was obviously no problem, but he called me early last week to say that I could sit in on one of their 2-day camps. Normally when I ask you for questions, it’s before I ride a specific bike or attend the event, but in this case I’ve just come back. It’s going to take me a bit to get this story up as we just got 30 bikes in from South Africa over at Iconic so the hangar’s a little bit full, but comment below with what you want to know about CSS and I’ll do my best to get you answers!

I’ve got lots of listings to write up – and we have another 30 coming next week!

Feature Image by etechphoto.com – that’s me being trailed by my awesome instructor, Lyle Warner, who I’m sure was collecting feedback about my upper body position (one of many things I got to improve throughout the camp).

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