What Do You Want To Know? Yamaha CrossConnect Electric Bicycle

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I’ve got something different in my loan pool this week – an electric bicycle from Yamaha. As a motorcyclist, is there anything you want to know about this pedal-assist bicycle?

Photo from Yamaha.

I have to admit, this one’s out of my wheelhouse. But it’s nice to get some exercise while still being able to cover some significant distance thanks to the battery pack – there are 4 levels of assistance (which only come into play when you’re pedaling and when you’re under 20 miles per hour).

For now, it’s taken the place of Vy’s Honda Monkey as my in-town runabout. They’re not very similar, though the MSRPs are closer than I’d expect ($2,999 vs. $3,999). Yamaha’s got a full lineup of Power Assist Bicycles – this is the commuter, which is equipped with lights, comfortable ergonomics, and a rack. Is this something you’re interested in? If so, let me know your questions in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them!

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