Who’s Going to Vegas This Weekend?

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I have to admit that I was on the fence about heading out to Mecum this year, but it’s the only chance I get all year to see many of you…so how could I say no? Which of you rapscallions will I get to see there?

Last time I was in Vegas, I rode in with Nathan on a couple of American cruisers.

Photo by Nathan May

I’ll also be there in a couple of weeks for the launch of the new Kawasaki Z H2…but more on that later.

Photo from Kawasaki.

What matters now is this weekend – normally I ride out and back for the Mecum auctions, but this time I’m flying in on Friday afternoon and flying out on Sunday morning to save time because my schedule is busier than usual. I plan on being at Mecum all day Saturday.

A few readers have already let me know that they’ll be going (sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I just decided to go this morning) and I look forward to seeing you there! You should be able to spot me because I’ll be a.) tall and brown b.) wearing a Bike-urious t-shirt c.) holding a camera or a beer (or most likely both at the same time). Leave a comment below to let me (and your fellow readers) know if you’re going to be there and we can find each other. First round’s on me.

See you there,

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