XR750 Tribute – 1983 Harley-Davidson XR1000

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Post Listing Update: This XR did not get any interest at the BIN of $16,000.

Following the success of the XR750 during the 70’s, notably thanks to Jay Springsteen, Harley-Davidson decided in the beginning of the 80’s to create a tribute bike to please the aficionados. The bike would be a blend between of XR750 character with some XLX Sportster parts to make it road-legal and road-pleasant.

The bike was equipped with two high mufflers to evoke the flat-track lines of the 750 and a pair of 36mm Dell’Orto carbs with big K&N filters. It also had aluminum heads and bigger valves. The 495-pound bike produced approximately 10 more ponies than the original ’83 Sportster, but it was also sold for almost twice the price. Was it worth it? Well, riders at the time did not think so. Unfortunately, only few XRs have been produced, as it was sold for only two years in 1983 and 1984. Today, the XR has a “factory-custom” status. Even though the bike is not the best to ride due to a bad weight distribution and position of the carbs, its style inevitably made its value rise during the last couple of years. And as often happens in the automotive/motorcycle market, what was unpopular at the time sometimes becomes rare and valuable today. Find more information about the XR1000 on Motorcyclist.

The XR (VIN: 1HD1CDH29DY123147) presented here is in great condition, showing about 6.5k miles. The bike is mostly original. Seller indicates that he changed the original tires for safety reasons, but will include the original ones for the sale. The bike is supposed to run very well and has no mechanical issues. A small dent can be found on the left side of the tank, and there is a small tear on the seat which the seller will try to repair before the sale.

Find this XR in Bakersfield, California with a BIN of $16,000 or best offer

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