Your Choice of Steed to Go Coast to Coast in 50 Hours?

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I may be on the road right now, but planning for the future never stops. This October, I have to be in Orlando for work, so I’m going to use the trip as an excuse to attempt a Iron Butt Association challenge of coast to coast in 50 hours. I’m currently brainstorming what bike I should do it on, and I figured it’d be fun to ask YOU. I’m looking for something that’s interesting, not too obvious (like the Honda Gold Wing), and also something that won’t make me entirely miserable. Got suggestions?

I love the Iron Butt Association, and I’ve used my day job as an excuse to tackle their challenges before – like going from Border to Border in 24 hours when work took me to Seattle. The IBA has some crazy challenges, and I’ve always told myself that the furthest one I’d try is the 50CC. Time to give it a shot…

Pictured: Not what I want to attempt this challenge with, even if is the logical choice. In my review of the GW, I specifically said the Wing”…makes covering miles almost TOO easy and drama-free. They [Gold Wings] should be banned from Iron Butt Association rides – it’s like cheating!” How could I cheat now?

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