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Post Listing Update: This Supermono did not get any interest at the opening bid of $149,900. It was relisted at the same price with the same outcome.

In the majestic history of the Italian firm, the Ducati Supermono is one of the greats. Arguably one of the most collectable Ducatis ever produced, just 67 Supermonos were built exclusively for racing in the Designed to race in the “Sound of Singles” Championship (a support event for the World Superbike Championship), this incredible bike weighs just 267 pounds!

To help with the inherent vibrations of a single, Ducati engineers had a fake con rod that acted like a second piston. As a ’95 model (the last year of production), this bike got a displacement bump to from 550 to 570cc and the motor was good for 76 horsepower. Weight was a huge priority, so there was carbon fiber everywhere – the bodywork, sub frame, fuel tank, and more. Ohlins suspension and Termignoni exhaust were complemented with Marchesini magnesium wheels – you also got magnesium on the case covers and triple clamps. Penned by Pierre Terblanche, the Supermono design was highly influential in the instant-classic 916. Want to learn more (and get better pictures)? Check out Ducati’s own page about the Supermono.

This example comes with the bill of sale and documentation, but the seller doesn’t have much to say except to add that it’s out of a 60 bike collection and it’s in “stellar” condition. One of the many included photos shows that there’s some cracking at one of the fairing mount points, but it does look to be in good shape overall. Find this Ducati Supermono for sale in San Juan Capistrano, California with an unmet opening bid of $149,900

Yes, that’s an insane amount of money, but it might not be as crazy as you think. I featured #33 back in 2014 (at the time, it had never been ridden) and it sold for $125,000.

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