1927 Rudge-Whitworth Four Special

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Founded in 1894 through the merger of two bicycle makers, Rudge-Whitworth moved into motorcycle production in 1911. They made a name for themselves with some technological innovations (such as the Multi gear system which allowed for 21 speeds) and some racing success. After starting with a 499cc single, their new model in 1924 was called the Four. But the name did not come from the number of cylinders, like you’d expect. In fact, the new engine was a smaller single of just 350cc. “Four” instead came from the fact that the bike had four speeds and four valves. Don’t fret – the newer 350cc put out much more power than the old 500cc.

Rudge-Whitworth Four Special - Right Side

By 1927, Rudge had replaced the new 350 with a newer 500, and that’s what you’ll get in this bike. 1927 also brought the upmarket “Special” model, which came with a Terry saddle, front fork hocks, Tecalemit auto lubrication, and more.

Rudge-Whitworth Four Special - Engine

This specific Rudge-Whitworth Four Special (VIN:) is a concourse restoration…and that’s all the seller says. That might be all they have to say, because it looks absolutely perfect.

Rudge-Whitworth Four Special - Left Side

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