1944 BSA M20 with B33 Motor

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Post Listing Update: This BSA hybrid was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

It’d be hard for me to top this introductory line from the seller: “basically, this bike is what you’d get if an ovulating 1949 B33 had unprotected sex with a horny old 1944 M20 sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

I’m highly amused by the rest of the seller’s description, so I’ll include a portion of it here: “you are looking at a bodge style 1944 BSA M20 that was hot rodded with a bulletproof 1949 BSA B33 Motor. It is a functional piece of art that starts, runs, rides and handles great without fail…This bike has the perfect amount of crust on it…it will shine up really nice but why bother? She is a dirty, dirty girl, I’ve never washed it nor has the previous owner. Slick looking gold details on the wheels, correct Amal parts scattered around the bike. Period correct Bosch battery box and lots of other cool details. I’ve owned this bike since last year and used it for a few charity rides and an occasional outing around San Diego, it’s never let me down. All of its rides from the previous owner and rides under my ownership are recorded on the rear fender dating back many, many years.”

Purists need not apply, but I think it’s cool in its own way. If you agree, find this BSA hybrid for sale in San Diego, California with a BIN of $7,500 here on eBay.