1947? Indian Papoose

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I’m an Indian fan, and I’d never heard of this model. I was skeptical until I did some research and lo and behold, there it was. The Papoose was actually a rebadged Corgi model built by Brockhouse Engineering in England. The model was a civilianized version of the Welbike which was developed during WWII for British Special Forces to use during parachute operations. The handlebars and seat fold completely and it was used during the war. Most of the production was shipped to the States to be badged as an Indian and sold until the end. Some were even sold as Indians after the company went bankrupt.


The Indian Papoose used a 98CC two stroke air cooled single cylinder motor that produced 3 HP through a single speed transmission. With the seat and handlebars stowed the weight of 71 LBS meant it could be transported fairly easily.


This Indian Papoose (VIN # 18408) is located in Sachse, Texas (Dallas) and is listed as an unknown year killer bike. The production run was from 1947 to 1954 with this bike probably being an earlier version. The bike is currently priced at $2,000 with reserve not met

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