1948 BMW R35

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By the time production had ended, the BMW R35 was the German firm’s most successful motorcycle in history. It was introduced in 1937 and was capable of about 100km/h (60mph).

BMW R35 - Right Side

The 342cc vertical single produced 14 horsepower, which was pushed through a 4-speed transmission. Wet weight was just 351 pounds. Due to World War II, the R35 was actually still produced in BMW’s Soviet-controlled Eisenach plant, even though the West German plant in Munich had moved on to different bikes. This leads to another very cool story involved a renaming to Eisenacher Motoren Werke, and a red/white roundel instead of the usual blue/white – but that’s a story for another day.

BMW R35 - Left Side

This specific BMW R35 has been restored and has been part of the seller’s collection for ‘some time’. It is occasionally ridden, and while everything works, the seller suggests that you replace the old Soviet tires before you take it out for a ride of any significant length.

BMW R35 - Front Left

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