1948 Panther Model 60

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Post Sale Update: This Panther sold for $3,839 after 27 bids on eBay in San Clemente, California.

The story of Panther originates with Phelon & Moore, a motorcycle manufacturer out of Yorkshire, England. Founded in 1904 (and eventually acquired in 1967), P&M launched the Panther brand in 1924 and stopped putting their own name on bikes at the end of the 20s. They’re best known for the Model 100 and 120, but there was also a series of “Lightweight” bikes, one of which was the Model 60.

In 1928, Panther introduced model numbers (by simply calling a bike the Model 1). The Model 1 became the Model 1a (differentiated by twin exhaust ports), then the Model 2, and then the Model 3. The 3 evolved into the 60, a four-stroke 250cc single. The Model 60 also features a four-speed transmission, and post-’46 examples utilized oleomatic forks.

This example (VIN: H46 173) was restored at some point in the past and the seller claims it runs, shifts, and drives well. It’s missing the dynamo cover and I see a paint chip in the top of the tank, but this is a pretty nice example of a bike that’s very hard to find in the United States. The sale does not include a title, just a bill of sale.

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