1953 Horex Regina 250

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10/21 Update: This Horex Regina is back up for sale with the same BIN price of $9,500.

Those of you that keep tabs on quirky modern bikes might be wondering why the name Horex sounds familiar. A few years ago, Horex was revived after 50 years of slumber with the announcement of a bike powered by a supercharged VR6 engine – ask a VW fan if you’re not clear what the engine is. Or, check out the new Horex website to get more information on that lovely bike. But that’s not what we want to feature today. Instead, we’re looking at one of the few bikes from Horex’s initial run – the Horex Regina 250.

Horex Regina 250 - Front

Introduced in 1953, the Regina was available in 250, 350, and 400cc variants. The bike was produced until 1960, when Daimler shut down Horex after taking over the company. The 250cc engine created 17 horsepower and put power through a 4-speed transmission. Built quality was supposedly excellent when they were new, especially as the 250 was initially intended for export.

Horex Regina 250 - Gauges

This specific Horex Regina 250 is claimed to be one of only two in the US. The bike is original and unrestored, and it looks to be in great shape. There are some minor cosmetic issues, but our bigger concern is that this bike has been ridden only once in at least the last two years. Ride your bikes, people! The recent restoration means you’re probably still going to be just fine, but we’d inspect the rubber gaskets and seals before snapping this lovely bike up.

Horex Regina 250 - Left Side

Find this Horex Regina 250 for sale with a Buy-It-Now price of $9,500 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Horex Regina 250 - Rear