1960 Tote Gote Blazer

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The Tote Gote was developed by Ralph Bonham, who built it to make his life easier while on hunting trips in Utah. That company ran from 1958-1970, but early on a board member (and sales manager) left to start a new company – which produced the Blazer you see here. The first six Blazer’s utilized a Tote Gote frame, and then they moved on to something else.

For more information on the curious scooter, check out The Blazer.

The bike was capable of hitting 25 miles per hour and was powered by a 7 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. The transmission had a ‘cruising’ mode and a ‘climbing’ mode. Check out this vintage ad which shows a deer carcass loaded on the back of the scoot:

from http://users.infoconex.com/~ramrod/blazer.htm

from http://users.infoconex.com/~ramrod/blazer.htm

This specific Tote Gote Blazer has been restored to new condition. Find it for sale here on Craigslist in Dalton, Georgia for $1,800.

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