1960s Malaguti Roncobilaccio Cross

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Ever heard of one of these? Me neither.

At least I can tell you a little bit about Malaguti, which was an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that existed from 1930-2011, though they’ve been brought back to life under an Austrian firm as of February of this year. They built bicycles until 1958, at which point they also added small displacement motorcycles and scooters to the lineup.

As to the Roncobilaccio Cross itself, I’m quite stumped. It’s obviously a small-displacement dual sport, but all I’ve been able to determine is that it featured a 49cc engine with a 3-speed transmission. This period advertisement in French notes a Dell’Orto carb, 16″ wheels, reinforced forks, and pedals. Color options were red/white, yellow/white, and green/white, but this is clearly from a different year of production.

Photo from Pinterest

This is a terrible listing and I would normally ignore it, but the bike itself is so rare that I had to share it. The seller has two tiny photos and the extent of his/her description is “Malaguti motor cycle for sale runs good.” Hopefully they’re more descriptive once you talk to them. If you’re interested in finding out, you can see this Malaguti for sale in Evansville, Wisconsin for $5,000 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Rod M!

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