1962 Ducati 200GT

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Post Sale Update: The seller let me know that he sold this for $8,500 to a rider in Atlanta, Georgia. Congratulations!

6-11-20 Update: The seller has lowered his asking price to $8,750.

When Ducati introduced the 200 Elite in 1959, it was their largest-displacement motorcycle. Three years later, Ducati created the 200GT – it lost the jelly bean tank for the larger one from the Diana and was more of an overall street bike than a racer with practicalities like valenced fenders as well as full tool box and air box enclosures.

The 204cc motor was created by boring out the 175cc, retaining the enclosed valve gear and SOHC with bevel drive in the process. Claimed horsepower was 18, enough to get this 253 pound (dry weight) above 80 miles per hour. From Mick Walker’s book on Ducati Singles Restoration, the ’62 GT was adorned in “deep claret except black headlamp shell, rear right/number plate support, horn and rear suspension unit top spring covers. Silver for tank side flutes as Diana and Mach 1, lining in yellow“, and this restored example looks to be spot on.

Per the seller, “this example was purchased in 2009 after seeing it in a friend’s barn collection, although it was not complete. It appeared to have been ridden off road during most of its active service. My son, Kevin, and I performed much of the restoration work, but help with various aspects of the project came from several sources:

Engine re-building: Ted Henry, Torrance and Frank Scurria, Los Angeles
Color matching: Brenda Parkin, San Diego
Paint application: Andy Parkin, San Diego
Side cover transfers: Bob & Marcia Derrick (Classic Transfers, UK)
Advice, parts and moral support: Steve Allen, the late Jim Dillard, Marcelo Doffo, Jim Franzen, Ted Henry, Paul Montgomery

Final assembly, wiring and fettling: Ziggy Dee [who refers to this exact bike on this page]

Here’s a short video of the seller starting the bike after fitting new fuel petcocks:

Find this 200GT for sale in Prescott, Arizona for $9,250 or best offer. Email me: abhi AT bike-urious DOT com to be put in touch with the seller!

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Sheldon P – he’s also got a flyer you can view here if you’d like to contact him directly.

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