1962 Harley Davidson Topper

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Post-Sale Update: After 47 bids on eBay, this Harley Davidson Topper sold for $4,800 on eBay.

The Harley Davidson Topper is the one and only scooter to ever come out of the HD factory. Built during the days when the Milwaukee company was producing bikes with small motors, like the Bobcat, the Topper featured a 165 cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine with of all things, a CVT. As this bike was designed for casual riders, it came with a slick safety feature that prevented a rider from taking off from a stop if the engine was running higher than 1800 rpm.

Harley Davidson Topper - Front Left

The Topper had 5 inch drum brakes on the front and rear, and the bodywork was a combination of steel and fiberglass, and you actually started this bike like a lawn mower, with a recoil starter. A rare option was actually a factory sidecar, though the extra weight proved crippling to an already low top speed. Even though the Harley Davidson name carried incredible brand cache at the time, no one cared for a scooter from the firm, and the Topper sold poorly. It can therefore be hard to find one, especially in good shape like the one featured today.

Harley Davidson Topper - Front

This specific Harley Davidson Topper comes with some nifty documentation, such as the service manual and a couple of original dealer brochures. For a bike over 50 years old, this Topper is in great shape – the only concerns are a loose key mechanism and a front brake that could use adjustment.

Harley Davidson Topper - Handlebar

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Harley Davidson Topper - Right Side