Perfect Patina – 1936 Harley Davidson VLH

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Post Sale Update: After 32 bids, this Harley Davidson VLH sold for $24,000.

We’re on a little bit of a Harley binge, it seems! The Harley Davidson VLH was a one year only continuation model of the VL series. In fact, it was the ultimate expression of the flathead, which has made it the most collectible. With a 34 horsepower engine, this Harley was capable of topping the fabled 100 mile per hour milestone.

Harley Davidson VLH - Left Side

Interesting factoid about this bike – the optional speedometer (which unfortunately, this specific model does not have) came with a “Maximum Speed Hand”. This separate hand would stay fixed at the highest speed attained during any given ride, so you could prove you hit a certain speed when comparing your performance to that of someone else’s bike! 2,046 VLH’s made it out of the factory, and they sold for $340. Extra cost for a 4-speed transmission instead of a 3-speed? 15 dollars.

Harley Davidson VLH - Gas Tank

This specific Harley Davidson VLH features the optional 80 cubic inch (1.3L) engine and 4 speed transmission, and includes many of the one year only parts like the frame, front end, shift linkage, optional 18 inch wheels and optional ride control. We especially adore this bike because extra care has been taken to preserve the weathered patina – which we’re huge suckers for. Lots of mechanical work has been recently performed, and nearly everything is original. The only repro items are the seat, muffler, headlight, tool box, battery box, and coil. That’s not bad for a bike that’s about to approach its’ 80th birthday!

Harley Davidson VLH - Gauges

Find this Harley Davidson VLH for sale here on eBay with bidding currently at $14,100 and the reserve not yet met in Preston, Washington.

Harley Davidson VLH - Right Side