1999 Victory V92C

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In 1997, Polaris announced that they were getting into the motorcycle game, and they decided to do so with a competitor to Harley Davidson called Victory Motorcycles.  In 1998, Polaris introduced the Victory V92C, and commenced selling it the following year.  This is one of those first year bikes. Designed to compete with HD, you got the same general features – loud, distinctive V-twin engines powering a cruiser frame that has since evolved into certain touring options, as well. Victory came out of the gates swinging with their first bike, which featured the largest production engine available at the time at 1510cc. This actually ended up sparking an arms race between bike makers to see how large of an engine they could stuff in their frames. They also took tremendous pride in its ‘Made in America” status – everything found in this bike was made in the Midwest, except for the brakes and fuel injection system.

Victory V92C - Front

But like almost all first runs of a complicated machine, the Victory V92C had some teething problems. A silly one, for example – if you remove the main battery for long enough, the odometer completely resets! Minor niggles aside, there’s only one severe issues that pops up with any regularity on these first Victory bikes, and it’s one that you must be very, very careful about. These bikes commonly lunch third gear, resulting in an expensive repair that some riders try to ignore.

Victory V92C - Left Side

Victory recently announced that they’re releasing a 15th Anniversary model, with a paint job that’s inspired by the original model.

Victory 15th Anniversary

This specific Victory V92C has had several thousand dollars in accessories, including a Stage 1 kit that includes pipes and a K&N filter. It’s had a recent service to the bike is ready to go. Extras include drag bars, driving lights, and saddle bags, which should increase the utility of this bike tremendously.

Victory V92C - Right Rear

Find this Victory V92C for sale here on Craigslist for $5,500 in Clallam Bay, Washington. It’s also available here on eBay with an opening bid at the same price.

Victory V92C - Right Side