1964 Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601

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Post-Sale Update: After 32 bids on eBay, this Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601 sold for $2,650.

I don’t feature scooters much, but the Fuji Rabbit Superflow is definitely worth a look. An impressive 75,000 units left the Fuji Heavy Industries factory, but it’s very hard to find any now. Why is this scoot so interesting? Well, at the time, it was as luxurious as you could get with a scooter.

Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601 - Cockpit

The 200cc unit put power through an automatic transmission, all covered in flowy bodywork that mean it was easy to ride and kept you clean. Billed as an excellent commuter, it was capable of 65 miles per hour and had features the competition didn’t match, like an electric start (it retained a left side kick-start) and an air suspension – not tech you would expect back in 1964. The predecessor of this scooter was considered one of the 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive Technology by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. It also led to Malcolm Bricklin’s relationship with Fuji/Subaru, starting his fame as an automotive entrepreneur.

Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601 - Engine

This specific Fuji Rabbit Superflow (VIN: 640S601-64039) is in 100% original condition, and the only thing that doesn’t work perfectly is the air shock, which is slowly leaking. The seller has taken it up to 60mph, two up with luggage – not bad at all. I don’t care much for the color, but you won’t have many options if you’re looking for a Superflow nowadays. This scoot has covered 9,400 miles, and has a lovely amount of patina to it.

Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601 - Left Rear

Find this Fuji Rabbit Superflow for sale in Appleton, Wisconsin with an opening bid of $0.01

Fuji Rabbit Superflow S601 - Front

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